aleksandr tishkov is an Estonian-born artist with Russian ancestry, currently living and working in London. tishkovโ€™s practice is driven by his interest in a New World Order, and how this challenges the stability of both the natural and cultural inheritance in the Age of the Anthropocene and Cyberspace.

there is a hint of irony and satire in his works, which he believes helps to cast a light on the issues related to natural environment and cultural heritage, that are otherwise often seen as peripheral. by spanning diverse spectrum of materials, both organic and artificial, aleksandr creates works that may be viewed either as multi-layered narratives incorporated within an atmospheric installation, or as independently existing objects.

referring to the precariousness of physical matter, the artistโ€™s installations often take the form of dreamlike, and occasionally dystopian, spaces. random fragments emerge from childhood memories - a chipped piece of antique column or a melted candle - anything can gain significance and blend into the fabula that he creates.